Improvement of the Vartius border crossing point is progressing well

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Work on the road and regional contract at the Vartius border crossing has progressed well and was completed in November for 2020. Road traffic conditions have been improved by increasing the lanes for outgoing and incoming traffic, as well as expanding the inspection area of vehicles.

      In addition, the contract has included the fencing of the border crossing area and the construction of two new escalators, one for the road and the other for the railway. The lighting in the area has also been renewed. In the summer of 2021, the final paving of the area and road markings will be carried out.

     - Restrictions on border traffic due to Covid-19 significantly reduced traffic at the border crossing point. This has facilitated the implementation, as most of the work has been done in traffic areas, says project manager Terhi Haapaniemi from the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency.