Development and renovation of the Vartius border crossing point started in June

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The development of road traffic arrangements at the border crossing point includes the construction of new lanes and the expansion of the inspection area. In addition, traffic control and lighting will be renewed. The area of the border crossing will also be fenced and access gates will be built in the fence.

- Work on both the traffic infrastructure and the renovation of the buildings began in June, says project manager Terhi Haapaniemi from the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency.

- Later in the summer, approximately in August, renovation work aimed at increasing the flow of rail traffic will start at the Vartius traffic junction and the extension of the Ypykkävaara traffic junction located about 26 kilometers from Vartius, Haapaniemi describes the progress of the project.

The premises of Customs and the Border Guard will be modernized

Senate Properties will renovate the premises of the Vartius border crossing point to better match the functions of the Border Guard and Customs.

     - In the renovation, the office and customer premises will be renovated and a new meeting space of approximately 20 square meters will be built in the vacant lobby space on the second floor of the building, says Juha Ker√§nen, Developer Manager of Senate Properties.

     In addition, an extension of approximately 30 square meters will be made to the outgoing traffic inspection and waiting area, and a new entrance canopy will be built in connection with the incoming traffic facilities. In connection with the basic improvement, the necessary HVAC modifications will also be carried out. The building was completed in 1995 and is 705 square meters in size.

The development project of the Vartius border crossing point in Kuhmo will improve the track structures, develop road traffic conditions by, for example, new lane arrangements, and renovate buildings at the border crossing point. The project, to be completed in 2021, is funded from the Karelia CBC programme.