Big Music for Small Cities is on the TOP-10 list of 2021 events

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Big Music for Small Cities_2021 results

It is often usual for organizations and projects to summarize the results of the previous year in January.

And the Big Music for Small Cities project is following this tradition.

The year 2021 wasn't, of course, an easy one. But, due to the efforts of the project team, it certainly brought the "fruit" to the cross-border area, namely new technologies, resources, skills, cultural products and strategies.

Thanks to cooperation within the creative sector in the Republic of Karelia, a filming venue appeared, which allowed the authors of the project to implement many initiatives in an online format.

Within Joensuu Winter Music festival, rebranded under the project, we managed to show concerts in Finland and Russia. The music commissioned from the composers of Russia and Finland specially for the project was presented during the festival. There was a big symphonic premiere of the Karelia Suite within the festival broadcast, from the new filming venue in Petrozavodsk. Broadcasts and video recordings were watched by thousands of spectators.

The first Russian talk show "Light as Art" appeared with the participation of experts - international lighting designers Kari Kola and Ivo Schoofs. There was a musical program created and, afterwards, recorded on a CD with the usage of professional recording equipment for working with large performing groups. To implement the idea, an authoritative expert was invited - Pavel Timofeev, studio director, laureate of the International Prize "Pure Sound" in the nomination "For the best audio recording of a concert for a solo instrument with an orchestra - 2019". The CD was presented in September.

Under a separate part of the project aimed at the festival activity development, the project organized working sessions for festival operators and elaborated the Strategy for Art Festivals Development in the Cross-Border Region. Specialists of the creative sector were trained in videography, motion design and SMM.

On the European Cooperation day the project team held a workshop for the Joensuu City orchestra, by a world-famous pianist and conductor Ralf Gothóni. In October in Petrozavodsk the expert session for musicians was conducted by such world famous artists as Boris Andrianov (cello) and Sergei Dogadin (violin).

Though, because of the anti-Covid restrictions the project team had to refuse the idea of holding a Light festival in Kondopoga, it was decided to shoot a film on the Karelia Suite, combining the elements of a traditional fairy tail and fantasy.

Good results and great prospects! And it is very motivating to know that creating a filming venue and the musical workshops have entered into the list of TOP-10 events of the 2021, in the rating of the State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company "Karelia". Congratulations to the project, and go ahead this way as well!

The nearest future gives the project new tasks: the Karelia Suite film presentation and promotion, holding an orchestral session and Joensuu Winter Music festival-2022 and launching of the Strategy for Art Festivals Development in the Cross-Border Region. Good luck!