Elk Khiisi lives in the Museum of fine arts of Karelia

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Katya and Elk named Losik

The Museum of Fine Arts of Karelia has a new assistant for participation in "Kalevala" excursions and programs for kids - an inquisitive small elk named Losik. It is a cane doll of Elk Khiisi, one of the characters of the epic poem "Kalevala".

In this September our new assistant will meet children's groups and help to acquaint children with a very difficult topic - the Karelian-Finnish epic poem "Kalevala", and how it is represented in the works of artists at the museum exhibition "Kalevala Universe".

The doll was made by the talented Karelian craftsperson Yana Malinovskaya within the framework of the KA9021 project "Museums in Focus: Development of Cultural Services for Chinese Tourists", which is being implemented under the Karelia cross-border cooperation program (CBC Karelia).

Watch the video and meet our new friend!