The champion in a medieval costume!

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Andrey Lukin

In spring 2021 the exhibition "Kalevala Universe" in the Museum of Fine Arts of Karelia was provided with a set of medieval costumes. The costumes were created on the base of the results of archaeological excavations in the Russian and Finnish parts of Karelia. For more than 100 years, scientists have been exploring these territories to find artefacts of material history.

Clothing is considered to be the most difficult element for reconstruction, since in ancient times fabrics were created from natural materials and have almost completely disintegrated over the centuries. Only small fragments remained near the metal parts and decorations. Focusing on these tiny pieces, archaeological materials and European analogues, artists and scientists were able to make sketches that give an idea of ​​how the inhabitants of the northern lands dressed.

The created medieval costumes are used as didactic material and an interactive element to illustrate everyday life in Kalevala and medieval culture. Now the guests of the Museum can participate in a special program "Legendary Garments of the North": they can get to know about the history of the costume, try them on and make photos in the exhibition. For promo-activities the project team invited Andrey Lukin and Elena Drozhilina, Russian sportsmen, to demonstrate the costumes and participate in a photo session.

And in summer Andrey Lukin won the Russian championship in athletics as a sprinter at a distance of 200 meters, which was held in Cheboksary, with the result 20.78. Now he is a two times champion of Russia in sprint (2019, 2021). It is a great honour for the project team to work with such people!

We congratulate Andrey on his victory and wish him to achieve new greater results!

Photo: Andrey Lukin and his trainers