Online seminar on cross-cultural marketing took place on January 28

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The Museum of Fine Arts of Karelia organised the online seminar "Cross-cultural approach in promotion of tourist services and products" within the KA9021 project "Museums in focus: development of cultural services for Chinese tourists", which has been implemented in the Museum of Fine Arts and in the Museums of Joensuu since January 2020.

The seminar was focused on sociocultural features of Chinese travelers, Chinese preferences of souvenirs and museum product web-promotion through popular Chinese social media and other web-tools. The aim of this seminar was to increase competency of museum actors across the border on information services and marketing
of museum tourist products.
More than 120 people - representatives of the cultural, educational and tourist organizations, authorities, Mass Media, NGO. The geography of participants and speakers is realy wide: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Perm, Murmansk, Kaluga, Lugansk, Veliky Ustyug, Kaliningrad, Yaroslavl, Stavropol, the Crimea, the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Chuvashia, Finland and its regions, and many others. We are glad that the topic of the seminar is so relevant and interesting not only for representatives of large central museums, but also for regional museums, for tourist organizations, educational institutions.
Their welcoming speeches performed Natalia Kozlovskaya, the head of the development department of the Museum of Fine Arts of Karelia and assistant of KA9021 project, Tarja Raninen-Siiskonen Director of Joensuu Museums; Johannes Puukki, Consul of Petrozavodsk Office of the Consulate General of Finland; Mrs. Cui Shan, Russian-Chinese Fund of cultural and educational development.
The first part of the seminar was devoted to the interim results of the project "Museums in focus: development of cultural services": new approaches to museum tourist product, visual navigation system for Chinese tourists in regional museum, optimization of museum entrance area for better linguistic accessibility, results of research "Identification of consumer preferences and decision-making factors when choosing souvenirs by the citizens of People's Republic of China during tourist trips abroad". Tatiana Saltykova, manager of KA9021 project and Sami Tanskanen, coordinator of KA9021 project participated with the report "New approaches in creating museum tourist products, modernization of museum space, creation of navigation system and linguistic accessibility". Natalia Kozlovskaya also performed the report "Results of sociological research "Identification of consumer preferences and decision-making factors when choosing souvenirs by the citizens of People's Republic of China during tourist trips abroad".
During the second part of the seminar the speakers highlighted the peculiarities and problems of promotion of tourist services and products: informational instruments, sociocultural features of Chinese travelers which need to be taken into account while advertising campaigns, instruments of information promotion (web-pages for Chinese, Social Media accounts). The speakers of the section were Oleg Khuhlaev, PhD in psychology, Head of the department of ethnopsychology and psychological problems of multicultural education, Moscow State Psychological and Pedagogical University (Moscow) with the report "Customer development in cross-cultural museum marketing";
Piia Lehtinen, Head of Sponsorship, Design Museum (Helsinki) with 'Chinese visitors in the Design Museum – service design, events and communication"; Anna Bessmertnaya, Chairman of the Commission on cooperation with Chinese partners, Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry, with "Sociocultural features of traditional Chinese society"; Olga Arkhipova, PhD, Group visits and events Department, The State Hermitage Museum, with "Chinese visitors in the State Hermitage Museum. Past, present and the future"; Alexey Rogozin, International projects coordinator, Union of Karelian filmmakers, with "How to create video content for advertising cultural products and services for foreigners?' and Jessie Chen, Chief Business Development Officer, Domi International Ltd with "Promotion of Cultural Services for Chinese Tourists".
The organizers of the seminar thank the speakers and participants for their interests and willingness to share their experience!