Glass master

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rustam butaev

It is obvious that real people stand behind any successful project: their creative ideas, ingenuity, talants and their desire to make the world a better place. The Museum of Fine Arts of Karelia has modernized the entrance area to increase tourist attractiveness and hospitality. And now we share stories about our  partners, thanks to whom this project is turning into reality.

Rustam Butaev is a glass master from Petrozavodsk. Every day he creates amazing stained-glass windows using the tiffany technique with his hands, and also installs dozens of windows and mirrors in apartments and offices. Rustam has already participated in many TV-broadcasts both on Karelian and federal TV-channels thanks to his talent.

This autumn Rustam installed a tempered darkened glass in the security zone in the Museum of fine arts of Karelia. The glass, cut on individual measures and plans arrived from St. Petersburg to Petrozavodsk and, with the help of modern fittings, was installed in the entrance area of the Museum. This creative and engineering task required efforts and ingenuity from our hero.

For the Petrozavodsk master such an experience in modernizing public space helps to expand his creative and professional horizons, and the museum, in its turn, receives a high quality result that will delight the eyes of thousands of our guests.

Thus, Rustam Butaev contributed to the large international project KA9021 "Museums in Focus: Development of Cultural Services for Chinese Tourists" (CBC "Karelia" 2014-2020, funded by the European Union, Finland and Russia), aimed at creating museum services and products for Chinese tourists at the regional level.