Renovation means changes for the better!

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The museum is covered with the clouds of dust and the sounds of perforators; bags of vetonite are piled up everywhere and a trail of a laser level flashes! The creation of the new section of the permanent exhibition, dedicatet to the epic poem "Kalevala" is in its active phase! 

The design project for the new exposition was created by a team of designers from St. Petersburg - Anastasia Dubrovskaya and Andrey Skritsky - together with the museum specialists. And the renovation works were organized to embody a new visual image and modern interpretation of the Kalevala epic poem.

At the initial stage, dismantling works were carried out - the wall between the first and second halls was demolished, the floor covering and outdated lighting equipment were demounted.

The floor in the halls is one of the main challenges in the renovation works. Initially, the floor in all five halls was located at different levels, before the start of reconstruction work there was no certainty that it would be possible to level it, so the designers found a good decision - a ramp with railings between the halls. This problem was successfully overcome - the builders partially lowered the floor below, partially raised it, creating a comfortable movement throughout the exhibition area.

A design solution as well as interactive areas, installations, area for work-shops always require special lighting. It means a complex electrical wiring system, which must be created even at the stage of rough work in order to remove the maximum possible number of wires from the visitor's eyes. The construction team is working on pulling cables, chipping walls, floors and ceilings for laying these communications.

A separate stage is the leveling of the walls, because in the new space it is supposed to use wallpaper for painting.

Ahead is complex work on the installation of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and security systems, and then the process of installing lighting equipment, a hanging belt, installations.

✅ The exposition is planned to open on February 28, 2021 - the international day of Kalevala.




Project Manager: Tatyana Saltykova

Project PR manager: Latkina Irina Nikolaevna

Tel. for communication: +7 (8142) 784003

The project is financed by the European Union, Finland and Russia.