Signs and colors

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navigation signs

Modern trends in the development of society and in the perception of information should be taken into consideration while developping the navigation project. Correct and understandable navigation signs in the museum space are very important and demonstrate the care for visitors.

An integrated visual navigation system in a museum should take into consideration many aspects of the design, including the presence of color. Color is one of the strongest visual tools. Color helps people quickly remember information and find the right way. It is easier for visitors to perceive information through images - pictures and pictograms, especially in the world where the better part of people are visuals.

One of the tasks for the project designers was the choice of a color scheme to designate certain zones, as well as the development of a system of visual symbols that will be understandable to visitors regardless of their languages.

The new visual navigation system at the Museum of Fine Arts of Karelia is being developed within the project “Museums in Focus: the Development of Cultural Services for Chinese Tourists” (CBC “Karelia” 2014-2020, funded by the European Union, Finland and Russia).