Study trip to Helsinki 19.-21.10.2021

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Service Adviser Anni Karttunen at Design Museum
Customer service adviser Anni Karttunen and project manager Pauliina Kaasalainen from Joensuu Museums visited several museums in Helsinki to familiarize with the services the large capital museums provide for international and Chinese tourists.
Destinations visited were EMMA- Espoo Museums of Modern Art, Amos Rex, Ateneum, Design Museum and Sinebrychoff Art Museum.
Most museums provided services and guides in English, Finnish and Swedish and used navigation systems based on pictograms, which were accessible regardless of the native language of the customers.
EMMA museum had invested in simple, stylish, and highly functional info materials. They included a mobile guide, navigation signs and maps in three languages and pictograms. The museum also had several participatory elements in the exhibitions inviting you to try it out, which were also suitable for people of different ages.
Also, Amos Rex had beautiful booklets of the exhibitions in three languages, and the museums had also invested in autism-friendly guidelines for visiting. ( The guidelines were useful also to visitors who were not in the autism spectrum and were not familiar with the
particular museum or visiting in museums altogether.
Design Museum was the only museum with website in Chinese. But in the exhibitions the museum also had info texts in the same three languages as the other museums. They also had mobile guide to the permanent exhibitions to give further information to visitors.
All in all, the museums had clear and functional navigation systems and offered additional information in at least three languages. There is a clear trend in exhibition planning to make museums visits accessible for all.
Photos: Service Adviser Anni Karttunen at Design Museum