Recording audio guides with Dr. Gerald Netto

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Gerald Netto

The recording process for the audio guides of Joensuu Museums is continuing at a great pace in the Museums in Focus project. This time around, the English version of the audio guides is being recorded. Gerald Netto, PhD., a senior lecturer in the English language from the nearby University of Eastern Finland and experienced voice actor in documentaries and advertisements, is now starring in the audio guides. Gerald teaches university researchers in both written and spoken English, and gladly accepted the invitation from the Joensuu Museums to record audio guide contents in English. His mastery of being an engaging and confident speaker, which he also teaches professionally to his students, translates perfectly into the narration of a museum audio guide which in itself seeks to engage and inform the museum visitor.

The audio guides in English, Russian, Finnish and Chinese are being recorded as part of the WP2 of the KA9021 project Museums in Focus: Development of Cultural Services for Chinese Tourists (within the Karelia CBC Programme, Financed by the European Union, Finland and Russia).