Handicraft exhibition in Helsinki 15.3.-14.4.2022

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Finland-Russia-Society's cultural space Albatross

Northern Crafts ID: Identity Development of Northern Crafts project brings Northern handicrafts from Finland and Russia to handicraft exhibition in Helsinki, which will be organized in Finland-Russia-Society’s cultural space ”Albatross”. Albatross is located at Katajanokka, next to Uspenski Cathedral, on a busy walking street. A historical building offers great frames for different exhibitions and the cultural space has become a center of Finnish and Russian cultural co-operation. Recently in the gallery has been a photo exhibition of Meeri Koutaniemi, a Finnish photographer and an artist, and also different art from Russian artists.

The handicraft entrepreneurs participating in Northern Crafts ID project from Northern Ostrobothnia, North Karelia and the Republic of Karelia, are given an opportunity to bring their artworks to the gallery during the exhibition, 15.3.-14.4.2022. It is possible for handicrafters to participate in exhibition without travelling to Helsinki, if the pandemic situation is bad. In Albatross selling of products is possible and this opportunity is also offered for the handicrafters. A lot of different events are held in Albatross, such as language courses and theme nights. During one week, Albatross has reached even 100 visitors. Finland-Russia-Society’s staff members are guiding visitors to the gallery and introducing the exhibition. More information about Albatross (in Finnish): https://suomivenajaseura.fi/albatross/#galleria.

More information about the exhibition:

Emmi Rantakallio, project coordinator, Finland-Russia-Society, emmi.rantakallio@venajaseura.com, +358 40 192 2447

Merja Jokela, cultural secretary, Finland-Russia-Society, merja.jokela@venajaseura.com, +358 40 036 9439