Fresh Craft Development Research is Published

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Photographer: Ilona Olkonen

Within ten years, Karelian crafts can reach a capitalization of a billion rubles a year and create up to 6,000 jobs, admits fresh crafts development research by Northern Crafts ID Project.

In fall 2020, the project team undertook study trips to 16 settlements in eight districts of the Republic of Karelia, two settlements of the Komi Republic, six settlements of the Arkhangelsk region and two settlements of the Murmansk region. More than 300 artisans attended meetings and 80 interviews were conducted.

The research led to three major products (all in the Russian language only): 

1. Study on Tools for the Development of Handicraft Business in the Republic of Karelia by Andrey Sukhorukov, President of the New Dimension Foundation, Ph.D. in Psychology.

2. Marketing research of entrepreneurship in the field of crafts and assessment of the economic capacity of crafts in the Republic of Karelia by Yuri Savelyev, scientific consultant of the project, individual entrepreneur, professor of the Department of State and Municipal Administration of the North-West Institute of Management, RANEPA, Doctor of Economics.

3. Description of twenty best practices and business models that are currently used by artisans in the Northwest Russia by Project Leader Svetlana Kolchurina.

Photo: Ilona Olkonen