Erä-Eero; a CBC NatureBeST learning site for off-grid energy solutions

Submitted by KA5041 on 15.09.2021 - 16.28
Eraeero pilot site

Erä-Eero is situated in Lieksa- North Karelia close to the Russian border and Patvinsuo National Park. It is also only about 1 hour from white water rapids of Ruunaa and Koli National Park. The site offers year-round wildlife photography and viewing, as well as other custom nature services by order. It is an off-grid facility located close to a waterbody and protected area. The facility is a now NatureBeST learning site for off-grid energy solutions for facilities located close to waterbodies and sensitive environments e.g., Nature Reserves, Natura sites, etc. There, we implemented mini hydropower solution and solar energy solutions within the framework of NatureBeST project. 

Register here by 17.9. to join our ZOOM webinar (Date: 21.9.2021, time: 13.00-15.00, language: in Finnish/Russian- simultaneous translation) and listen to expert and entrepreneur voices about how this and other sites’ improvements realized under our NatureBeST project in a way or the other improve visitor comfort, facilities efficiency, reduce costs,  and limit environmental impacts.