Creation of Kalevala Exposition: part 1

Submitted by KA9021 on
former repository

The former repository of the ancient Karelian icons, the famous “northern letters” of the XV-XIX centuries,  in the Museum of Fine Arts of Karelia was chosen as a place for our new section of the permanent exhibition dedicated to the Kalevala epic poem.

In 2019, the icons were carefully packed and transported to a new repository. And now the empty halls are ready for any creative plans of the project team and our designers. It is planned to create a modern exposition space in an old building of the XVIII century that meets all the requirements of the XXI century. The project team together with the designers from St. Petersburg developed the exposition and its visual realization. Of course, the halls are still waiting for repair works, the installation of a new air conditioning system, new exhibition- and lighting equipment.

We are planning to inform you about all the work stages of creation of Kalevala section of the permanent exhibition. But the exposition itself will be opened in about a year and then visitors will meet with the famous Kalevala world in a new modern reading.

A new section of the permanent exhibition is being created as a part of the KA9021 project “Museums in Focus: the development of Cultural Services for Chinese Tourists” (within Karelia CBC Programme 2014-2020, funded by the European Union, Finland and Russia).