From Coffee Stains to Audio Guides in the Joensuu Museums

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from coffee to audio guides

Sometimes, things don’t go according to expectations.

This could be said for many if not most projects, companies and organisations in 2020 Plans were made, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, events had to be postponed and existing plans rediscussed.

However, not all unexpected situations are as grave as the worldwide pandemic. Unexpected events and accidents happen in all of our daily lives. At one point, you are concentrating hard on something, and the other, you are wiping coffee off from the carpet in a recording studio. So what does a coffee stain on a museum audio guide script and a worldwide pandemic have in common?

The answer is, not much.

But both of them have had an effect on Museums in Focus (KA9021) project. And neither of them have stopped the project teams from achieving their goals on either side of the border!

The Joensuu Museums are nearing the completion of the audio guide recording process. It’s been a tricky 2020, but the recordings have gone exceedingly well with talented actors. The multilingual actress and singer Regina Launivuo is starring in three of the four language versions, which means a lot of work, and a lot of coffee!