Audio guides with comedienne Johanna Keinänen

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Audio guides with comedienne Johanna Keinänen

Joensuu Museums have joined with comedienne Johanna Keinänen to design and write the audio guides for all three museums. 

During July 2020, the Joensuu Museums have finished collecting preliminary materials from the exhibitions for the design of the audio guide, and have been joined by Finnish comedienne, dance artist and writer Johanna Keinänen. Keinänen visited the museums on 20-21.7. and alongside museum staff planned content and ideas for the audio guides in workshops at the museums. One key idea emerging from the workshops was dialogue: a method to engage and immerse the listener with the different stories presented in the museums’ exhibitions. The Joensuu Museums are happy to report that the script and technical applications of the audio guides are proceeding according to schedule.

The Joensuu Museums have been receiving growing amounts of domestic and international tourists in the last weeks, as the Finnish government has lifted many quarantine measures and opened both domestic and some international travel during late summer. It is clear once travel restrictions are further relaxed in the future that the growing demand for museum tourist facilities will also continue. As such, the strong improvements to museum tourist facilities over the course of the project will be able to meet the reignited demand.





Project Manager: Tatyana Saltykova

Project PR manager: Irina Latkina 

Tel for communication: +7 (8142) 784003


The project is financed by the European Union, Finland and Russia.


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