Audio guide recording is in full gear in Joensuu!

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audio guide recording

Progress comes with great quality and efficiency, when there are professionals at work. It is with these thoughts that the Joensuu Museums have started the production of the audio guides. The first recording week is now over, and a wealth of material has already been recorded for the Finnish and Russian versions of the audio guides.

The first way in which we can see professionals at work is the excellently written script by Johanna Keinänen (on computer screen), where visitors can experience the museums’ exhibitions with a personal and lifelike touch.

The second way is in the quality of the sound production and studio. Petri Pulli (left), from Powder Media in Joensuu alongside his studio are an excellent place for the recording, editing and special effects and music design of the audio guides.

And third, of course, can we see professionalism in the voice-over artists and actors. Regina Launivuo (middle) is a multilingual voice talent, actress and singer, who works in the Joensuu City Theater. Petteri Rantatalo (back right) is also a multilingual talent with a decades-spanning career in the Joensuu City Theater. Regina and Petteri have both starred in multiple voice-over productions from advertisements to radio drama.

If the two partners from both sides of the border during the implementation of the Museums in Focus project have proven anything, it is that Karelia is an area full of talent, with diverse abilities which should be involved in the development of cultural tourism!

The Museums of Joensuu are a partner in the project Museums in Focus: Development of Cultural Services for Chinese Tourists (KA9021, within the Karelia Cross-Border Cooperation Programme, financed by the European Union, Finland and Russia)