Webinar on river fishing in Kuusamo, May 6th

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Joessa seisova mies pitelee isoa naarastaimenta vaakatasossa vatsan alta ja pyrstöstä kiinni pitäen, taimen on puoliksi veden alla.

Register for the webinar HERE !  Registration has ended May 4th 2021, at 8 a.m.
Time and venue:  May 6th 2021, at 17.00-19.30 in Teams

Language: Finnish

Right before opening of the river fishing season 2021 in Kuusamo, Karelia CBC project Pro Trout brings together scientist Timo Haapasalo, who made a survey among the river fishers last year, and the main private caretaker and administrative organizations of the river fisheries in the Finnish side of the Oulanka-Pyaozero water system.

Download the programme and schedule as a PDF-file (in Finnish) here.

The audience will have an opportunity to ask questions from the presenters. Discussion and commenting is possible also in writing via Teams-chat. The webinar will be administered and chaired by Metsähallitus, the lead partner of Pro Trout. The webinar will not be recorded, but Pro Trout will utilize the presentations and take notes of the discussions for the purposes of it's work package CORE.