A photo exhibition on the history of the city park of the Olonets

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Старое фото городского парка Олонца

The city park in Olonets is located on the territory of the former Lesser town of the Olonets fortress of the 17-18 centuries - one of the lost objects of the historical heritage with which the team of the InterActive History project works.

A small photo exhibition on the history of the city park has opened in the Olonets National Museum - one of the InterActive History project participant museum. 21 photos from V.N. Kirillov and the museum archives are views of the park of the XX century.

Olonets fortress was destroyed in the 40s of 18th century. Although some elements of the fortification, such as the moat, were partially preserved to this day.

In the middle of the 19th century, more than 50 species and forms of woody plants were planted by the forester of Olonetsky district, Matvey Puzelovsky and his assistant Linde, on the territory of the park and the opposite bank of Olonka-river. The park was laid out in the English style. In 1872, the merchant of the 2nd guild Kuttuev E.D. a house was built here. Under Kuttuevs, the park was always in perfect condition and guarded by Puzelovsky. Residents of Olonets loved to go to the park and look at the wonderful bird with a tail fan, a peacock.

In 1937 the city garden officially opened in Olonets with a parachute tower, a shooting range and a swing. In the postwar years, the park settled down, a summer stage, a carousel, a dance floor appeared. In the 1990's, the park was neglected, overgrown with shrubs, but in recent years, work began on its improvement.

At the present time, a historical and cultural park is being formed, combining the historicity of the place, natural features and modern trends in park design.