Treasure hunt workshop in Utra

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Treasure hunt workshop in Utra

North Karelian Museum’s InterActive History project organized two treasure hunt workshops in Utra in the beginning of October. Children from the Utra Afternoon Club of Rantakylä Parish got acquainted with Utra Glass Factory’s history in its old location.

The treasure hunt workshop for Utra Afternoon Club of Pohjois-Karjalan Nuoret Kotkat organization had time travelling theme. The children acted as detectives and tried
to find the cache of a treasure stealed by mysterious ‘Master thief’. Detectives solved efficiently mysteries related to Utra district’s history and finally found the treasure. The treasure hunt workshops made local cultural heritage more familiar for local children and workshops were also new and nice way of cooperation between North Karelian museum and local communities in the area.

Photos: North Karelian Museum and Pohjois-Karjalan Nuoret Kotkat