Landscape design competition for the Olonets city park will be held in the Stieglitz Academy, St.Petersburg

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Олонецкий национальный музей в городском парке

In June 2019 environmental design students of the Stieglitz Academy of Art and Design, St. Petersburg will be challenged to generate landscape architecture solutions for the city park in Olonets. The completion is held in the framework of the InterActive History CBC Karelia project.

The Saint Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design is one of the Russia’s oldest and one of the leading higher education institutions in the field of fine and decorative arts, and design. Students participating in the competition are encouraged to develop concept projects that connect the present-day landscaped park area and the original museum area of the former Olonets fortress of the 17th – 18th centuries located by the Olonets national museum of Southern Karelians. The park design projects should contain elements that remind of the lost Olonets fortress.

The jury for the preliminary stage of the competition will consist of the representatives of the Olonets region administration, the Olonets museum and experts in museum exhibitions. At the final stage the selected projects will be evaluated by the jury consisting of teachers and professors of the Stieglitz Academy and the representatives of the InterActive History lead partner, the Creative industries and cultural tourism development fund. The jury will be chaired by People’s Artist of Russia, member of the Russian Academy of Art Alexei Talashchuk. The design solutions of the winning project will be used as the basis for the Olonets city park improvement.

The InterActive History project is a joint effort of six museums in Russia and Finland to create and introduce new interactive museum services based on research and interpretation of local cultural heritage, interactive principles and historical reconstruction in order to develop local identity and unique culture of the Euregio Karelia region. The project is implemented in the partnership with the Ministry of culture of the Republic of Karelia.