Kajaani tested Clean Games concept

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Clean Games in Kajaani

On September 29, SUSWAM project partners held a pilot of the ecological volunteer project Clean Games. The goal was to test the concept in order to duplicate the game in much bigger scale in May-June 2022.

 The pilot game was organized in cooperation with Ekokymppi, Entrinki, Kajaani University of Applied Sciences and Regional Council of Kainuu.

Participants  competed in garbage collecting for 1 hour. As a game result, 16 mixed waste garbage bags were collected by 4 participating teams. Using the mobile app they were able to navigate and check the teams ratings.  Players learnt making "check-ins" and taking photos of wildlife, using the mobile app. 

“Clean Games brings a nice refreshing addition to our waste counseling work and environmental education that we do together with schools and colleges. Functionality and concreteness are important in environmental education, and that is what this game offers. I can hardly wait to get to the planning of next spring's event! ” Sari Komulainen from Ekokymppi commented on the game concept.

SUSWAM project is delighted that cross-border cooperation successfully takes place both ways. Whereas it is more common that Finnish technologies and practices are being transferred to Russia, this time Russian innovative idea was adopted in Finland.