SUPER project and World Environment Day

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SUPER project and World Environment Day on Kizhi Island

                      Our project celebrated World Environment Day on June, 5 with the ecological and educational event «Eco-Kizhi». 

The event purpose was to attract visitors and locals attention to the Kizhi skerries peculiarities, to present environmental activities results and involve the local population in the Kizhi archipelago natural heritage preservation. 
This day the info-sites and master classes were organized on Kizhi Island. Museum visitors could get acquainted with the Kizhi skerries nature, make eco-souvenirs, postcards and potholders. 
Department of nature conservation employees presented the results of waste management on Kizhi Island and answered the questions about composting, waste collection and disposal. 
The event also became a station to present other eco-projects of CBC «Karelia» programme, so KarRC RAS introduced DIAS project (Collaborative Data and Information Exchange Network for Managing Invasive Alien Species).