Waste management in Kizhi skerries was discussed within the SUPER project

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Capacity building seminar «Waste management in the villages of Kizhi skerries

The first capacity building seminar «Waste management in the villages of Kizhi skerries» was held on March, 20 within the project «Sustainability Under Pressure: Environmental Resilience in natural and cultural heritage areas with intensive recreation». The organizer was the project partner «Kizhi» museum.

There are more than 245 households on the Kizhi skerries, on the Kizhi Island in addition to municipal solid waste, garbage is generated in the process of restoration and production. So, the main goal of the event was to increase target groups knowledge on waste management, and responsible environmental attitudes promotion.

The event was held in two stages; within the first «theoretical» part the reports on the following topics were presented: the waste problem on Kizhi Island and Kizhi skerries, the requirements to the waste legislation and the waste problem in Russia and the world on whole.

The second «practical» part was devoted to the ways to tackle with the waste problem, so the lectures and practical exercises were concentrated on the «zero waste» strategy, separate waste collection and the results of its implementation on Kizhi Island, special attention was paid to the organic waste treatment and composting. The seminar resulted in a presentation on successful projects in Russia and Petrozavodsk.

The invited lecturers were the experts: L. Belyaeva from the Coalition «PRO OTHODY» (Moscow), eco-speaker V. Kamenskaya (Moscow) and A. Bauer (LLC «UVI PTZ»). Among the participants were the local villagers, «Kizhi» museum employees, representatives from NGO`s, Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resources Directorate for the Republic of Karelia and regional operator LLC «AVTOSPETSTRANS».