"Kalevala" became a part of the museum inclusion program

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The Museum of Fine Arts of Karelia has been working for many years to create a comfortable museum environment for every visitor and is trying to draw public attention to the importance of equal participation of all people in cultural life despite of their physical abilities.

The project team included the new permanent exhibition dedicated to the epic poem "Kalevala", that is created within the KA9021 project, into the pool of inclusion activities  of the Museum. 15 videos about the most important and famous works were created with translation in sign language. These are videos about the masterpieces by  Tamara Yuf, Nikolai Bryukhanov, Myud Mechev, Nikolai Kochergin, Boris Akbulatov, Georgy Stronk, Vitaly Dobrynin, Igor Gashkov, and some others.

SEE all the videos in sign language on the Museum web-site https://artmuseum.karelia.ru/video-na-zhestovom-yazyke/ob-eksponatah/ 


PROJECT DIARY http://artmuseum.karelia.ru/projects/muzei-v-fokuse-razvitie-kulturnyh-servisov-dlya-kitajskih-turistov-ka9021/

PHOTOS https://vk.com/album-4852062_270866073

Project Manager: Tatyana Saltykova

Project PR manager: Latkina Irina Nikolaevna

Tel. for communication: +7 (8142) 784003

The project is financed by the European Union, Finland and Russia.