New souvenirs equipment

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As part of the project implementation the working team is developing a design project for the new navigation system in the Museum of Fine Arts of Karelia. And the design team was given the task to improve the souvenirs windows.

In large supermarkets, the development of design and the creation of showcases, as well as the display of goods itself, are the whole  science and art. The museum adopts this “science” and, together with the project designers, implements its ideas, but in its own exclusive and aesthetic way.

For convenience and display of museum souvenirs, the souvenirs windows will be replaced in the entrance area and the stands for displaying posters and reproductions will be modernized.

The new souvenir equipment is designed in such a way that all the advantages of the products sold will be visible. We used shelves of different sizes, equipped with LED lighting, with which one can draw the attention of guests to the goods.

A showcase is a “visual magnet” that should attract the attention of a guest, and these are the criterians we paid special attention to while developing souvenir modules:

– Strength and reliability of the equipment
– Convenions of the goods disposal (taking into account the characteristics of the products sold, their dimensions, purpose, materials and etc.)
– High quality backlight
– Safety in use and storage
– Using the corporate identity of the museum in the design