Creation of Kalevala Exposition: part 4

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TELECONFERENCE Petrozavodsk-Joensuu

In the first days of June the Museum of Fine Arts of Karelia opened its doors again for visitors and mass media. But the quarantine time was used very efficiently to continue the work on the project “Museums in Focus: the development of Cultural Services for Chinese Tourists” (within Karelia CBC Programme 2014-2020, funded by the European Union, Finland and Russia).

During the quarantine months the project team managed to develop a design project for the future exhibition, select more than 150 works, purchase multimedia audio guides and conduct a number of working on-line meetings.

The results of the work became a theme for a new program of VGTRK-Karelia broadcast company (the Karelian Department of All-Russian state broadcast company), which filmed a report on the implementation of the project and plans for the future.

The project manager’s assistant, Natalya Kozlovskaya, told her colleagues about the main vectors of the project’s activities and its goals, and also showed the new equipment purchased the day before.

Lyudmila Nikiforova, the curator of the Kalevala exhibition, showed the halls in which the new exposition will be housed. The former repository of the ancient Karelian icons, famous “northern letters” of the XV-XIX centuries, in the Museum of Fine Arts of Karelia was chosen as a place for our new section of the permanent exhibition dedicated to the Kalevala epic poem.

Sami Tanskanen, the project coordinator of the Finnish working group, was interviewed for the televised broadcast of GTRK-Karelia in the Karelian Republic, Russia. The partners from Finland gave interviews on the goals of the project, the current state of implementation as well as how the cross-border partnership has developed. The Museums of Joensuu were interviewed about their part of the project in developing cultural services for Chinese tourists. Matters discussed in the interview ranged from project matters such as the audio guide service and future plans after project implementation to the everyday life at the museums of Joensuu, including some basic information about the museums. The North Karelian Museum and Joensuu Art Museum have already opened their doors following quarantine measures on the 1st of June 2020 with limited opening hours, but work on the project has been ongoing at full speed even during remote working conditions.