The SUPER project represents Visitor survey results

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In North Karelia Biosphere Reserve, Koli National Park visitor survey was undertaken to understand visitor needs and pressures. The study explored the park's visitor segments, the scale of domestic and international visits, as well as mapping visitors' experiences and opinions about the park’s management and development needs. Altogether 750 responses were received, most of which were collected during the busiest summer months.

From the results, the most popular places to visit were the peak of Koli, the Koli Nature Center Ukko and the Koli harbour. Daytime visitors spent an average of four hours in the area, with average overnight stays as 2.6 days. The largest group of visitors were aged 45-54. The park was mainly visited by a group of 2 to 5 people, and the largest segment being families. The most popular hobbies in the National Park were enjoying nature, watching the scenery and walking.

General infrastructure (i.e. camping sites, outdoor toilets, info-signs, and condition of stairs and boardwalks), Metsähallitus rentals and waste management implementation and guidance were considered as needing development; the quality and range were considered satisfactory. Info-signs and visitor guidance and part of infrastructural improvements e.g. toilets are already being implements with the help of CBC SUPER project. A DPSIR analysis has also been undertaken. Biosphere Reserve Tourism Plan is being finalised. 

Full visitor survey report (only in Finnish):