Work meeting of the Big Music for Small Cities project in Kondopoga

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Work meeting in Kondopoga

In the beginning of March the project manager Anna Tomchik and the director of the Karelian State Philharmonic Irina Ustinova met with the Head of Kondopoga municipal district administration Vitaly Sadovnikov.

The aim of the meeting was to discuss one of the key events of the project, the Light festival in Karelia. Despite the fact that the project started in February 2020 and the festival is scheduled for December 2021, the project team considers it important to initiate the development of cooperation with partners from the first days.

Anna Tomchik spoke about the project, its goals, objectives and expected results, the role of all participating partners. The project manager paid special attention to the development of cooperation with local authorities and the business community. It is important that the new event is of interest not only for residents and guests of the region, but is also demanded as a tool for the territory development.

The Head of the district administration Vitaliy Sadovnikov shared information about the municipal improvement plans.  Among them is the project to create a “National Village” in the town initiated by a local entrepreneur. Vitaliy Sadovnikov emphasized that the municipality is interested in cooperation with the project “Big Music for Small Cities” and pooling resources to develop the territory. He supported the initiative to hold the Light festival in Kondopoga and expressed hope that the event becomes a regional center of attraction for the tourists.

Light festival in Kondopoga will combine advanced technologies in the field of light shows and 3D-design with the premiere of a new symphonic program created and recorded within the project.