Waste knowledge and art for the pupils in Juuka

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Plastic fish

WasteLess Karelias is carrying out with schools cross-curricular waste workshops. These workshops include waste guidance for the pupils but also art-workshops. In the guidance part, pupils investigate the amount of waste produced daily in their homes and the ways to reduce waste. Moreover, they have a homework assignment of collecting particular together decided type of trash for the art workshop.

Fifth graders in Poikola School in the municipality of Juuka chose to collect and work with plastic waste. The art part aimed to gain knowledge of the plastic waste and microplastics problem in the water systems. During the art lesson, students made fishes out of their own plastic trashes. At the end of the lesson, these fishes were hung in the old fishing net.  This fishing net was placed in the school hallway to gain the school society's attention to the plastic waste problem.

WasteLess Karelias will carry out more of these workshops also in other schools during the fall and spring.