Unpublished materials. Lars Pettersson

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Книга по материалам Ларса Петтерссона

A long-awaited book – “Churches and Chapels of Zaonezhie: unpublished materials and field notes. Kizhi areawas published. The book includes materials about churches of Zaonezhie gathered by Finnish professor Lars Pettersson during the II World War. The book took 2 years to prepare. Tina Dudinova and Svetlana Vorobjova, museum specialists, made the research in the National Archive of Finland (Helsinki), chose materials on the temple architecture. After that they carefully worked on translation of manuscripts and field notes for a long time.

Significance of these materials cannot be overemphasized. Most of the monuments, presented in the book, were not preserved, many of the churches and chapels, described by Lars Pettersson, were not studied before him and they were strongly destroyed during post-war year. There are a lot of photos, schemes and water-coloured paintings.

The book will be interesting for researches of wooden architecture, architects and art experts and also for those, who live on this territory, keep memory of previous generations and history, take care of the historic villages and try to preserve them, don’t let villages disappear or be transformed into holiday village.

Preparation and publication of the book were approved by the Lars Pettersson’s granddaughter Susanna Pettersson, the director of the National Museum of Sweden. She thanked the Kizhi Museum and everybody, who make possible publication of the book. She emphasized,

 that now the results of such important research, made by her grandfather – professor Lars Pettersson – will be known and approachable.