Summing up the results of 2021v

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Подводим итоги 2021 года

The team of the New Horizons of Culture project, which is being implemented with the financial support of the Karelia Cross-Border Cooperation Program, is summing up the results of work for 2021.

The socially significant measures taken in the difficult conditions of the pandemic were noted.

 The project manager Elena Bogdanova, vice-rector of the Karelian Institute for the Development of Education, discussed with colleagues the results obtained and made adjustments to the plans for the next 2022. She was actively negotiating with Finnish partners.

During this period, interesting master classes were held on adapted programs for program developers are currently testing these programs, implementing them in their organizations.

When summing up the results, the master classes were especially noted, in which Aila Kinnunen from Joensuu, a future defectologist, became the leading mentor. Expert Tatiana Gavrilova acted as a Russian mentor. The master classes were held using information and communication technologies.

Workshops on printing on fabric, porcelain painting, paper plastic.

Children and parents took part in interesting master classes.

 In December, 2 teachers were trained under the federal program "Organization of vocational guidance work with students with disabilities, with disabilities." The lecturers were the teachers of the Institute of Correctional Pedagogy of the Russian Academy of Education, Moscow.

These are far from all the activities carried out within the framework of the project. The project team prepares a report for 2021.

The project participants expressed their hope for fruitful and effective cooperation in January, and also wished each other a good Christmas vacation.