Сontract on waste collection points construction in Naistenjärvi (Russia) signed

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Подписание контракта

“WasteLess Karelias” project has signed the contract for the construction of two waste collection points in the village of Naistenjärvi, Suojärvi District, Karelia. Based on the tendering results, the contract was signed with individual entrepreneur from Suojärvi, Sergey Andreev. The contractor pledged to build collection points during the fall of 2019.

Each of the two collection points is designed to install four containers for mixed waste with a volume of 0.75 cubic meters. According to calculations, two collection points built in the framework of “WasteLess Karelias” project will cover about one fifth of the settlement’s need for containers.

“We are already negotiating with the regional waste management operator “Avtospetstrans” to install standard containers throughout the village and provide all residents with the possibility of civilized waste collection,” Valery Teslin (pictured left), mayor of Naistenjärvi village, said during the meeting with the project’s representative and service provider (pictured right).

One of the “WasteLess Karelias” project tasks, which is fully shared by the local administration, is to ensure that all household waste goes into containers and is transported to an official landfill near Suojärvi, not to a spontaneous forest dump in the vicinity of the village. Under the current Regional Waste Management Program, all such landfills should be rehabilitated in the foreseeable future.

The other objective of the project is to ensure that in rural settlements there are possibilities for waste sorting, at least to collect plastic separately for recycling. At the time of signing the agreement, the project representative and one of the Naistenjärvi entrepreneurs reached a preliminary agreement to install a container for plastic waste, which will be transported to Petrozavodsk for recycling at “Calypso” company.