Separate waste collection comes to Karelian villages thanks to the WasteLess Karelias project

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collection point in Vedlozero

Last week we have installed containers for separate waste collection in Vedlozero. In total, there are 4 sets of 3 containers in each - for glass, plastic and metal. Thus, the villagers can hand over recyclables in any corner of ​​the village. Containers are installed at collection points constructed by the project in 2020.

We expect that the villagers take this initiative responsibly and that only useful recyclable materials will be found in the containers. Detailed information on sorting principles and fraction is posted on collection points and in leaflets that are circulated through stores, as well as in VKontakte.

We are preparing to introduce separate waste collection in Naistenjärvi and Tolvuja villages. Now we are discussing with the “Karelian environmental operator” how to scale the Vedlozero success story to other parts of Karelian Republic.

The WasteLess Karelias project expresses its gratitude to the activists of the village of Vedlozero and personally to Natalya Antonova for their help in preparing and installing containers.