Saving cultural heritage

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Семинар в г.Кемь

20-22 of May visiting seminar “Preservation of the Church of the Dormition in Kem city as a key element of territory development” took place in Kem. In the framework of the event representatives  of the Kizhi Museum – specialists in the sphere of preservation and restoration of wooden monuments – went to Kem to give consultations and recommendations. The working group consisted of restorers, architects, specialists on monitirong of state of wooden monuments and also representatives of the Department of the Republic of Karelia on preservation of cultural heritage sites. From the host side priests, restorers, local people, local authority and local museum of Pomorie – all those who are deeply care for the Church of the Dormition – took part in the seminar.

In the begging Olga Titova, project leader, told about project events and interim results. Participants told about stages, difficulties and achievements they faced during restoration of the Church of the Dormition on Kem. Information about restoration of the iconostasis and participation of the local community in the preservation of the unique wooden monument was presented. The Kizhi museum specialists examined the Church and gave recommendations on monitoring and preservation, necessary preventive measures.