Recommendations for tourist accommodation facilities have been developed by the project KA5041

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Within the framework of the project KA5041 "Green nature based solutions in tourism to reduce negative impact on the environment" under the Karelia CBC programme, recommendations for tourist accommodation facilities have been developed. Recommendations include standard solutions for the most common situations associated with negative impact on the environment. Realizing that the owners of tourist accommodation facilities are largely guided by the economic feasibility of using certain technical solutions at their facilities, the authors of the recommendations proposed such technologies and solutions that allow the tourist business to obtain financial savings from their implementation. The solutions are related to rational water use, the use of alternative energy sources, sewage systems and others.

The work on the recommendations was carried out by an international team of authors, which from the Russian side included representatives of "Energy Efficiency Center", " Tourism Information Center of the Republic of Karelia", KRICPE of PetrSU. On the Finnish side team included representatives of the project's partner organizations - the Finnish Environment Institute and the Center for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment of North Karelia.

The translation of the recommendations into Finnish and Russian is now being completed and in the near future they will be released as a print and electronic edition, which owners of accommodation facilities and other interested persons in the Republic of Karelia and Finland will be able to use free of charge.