The project aired its final results to the audience

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films were presented

The results of the "Theatre Crossroads" project is films made on the basis of joint theatre productions. Since October, the landscape performance " Peer Gynt. Three novels", the vocal program "Lauluristeys" and the baby performance "Cubes" are available on the project's YouTube channel and in social networks. In total, the impressions have gained about 200,000 views at the moment. Public screenings were also held in both countries.

On November 12, the results were presented at the Joensuu city Theatre. In December, the films were shown in Karelia regions as Shuya, Belomorsk, Chalna and Pitkyaranta. In Petrozavodsk, the presentation of the project results was held at the Actor's House on December 25. Film screenings have become a wonderful gift on the eve of Christmas and New Year.


Also during December, films screened in the foyer of the National theater of Karelia, the Puppet Theater of Karelia and on the stage of the Theatre Union of Karelia.

One of the viewers shared her impressions of the vocal program: "Such great and unexpected was to hear all the well-known songs - "Million scarlet roses", "The friend song", "Katyusha" - in Finnish and Karelian. Bravo to the artistsĀ». The video about the creation of the baby performance "Cubes" aroused great interest The fact that there are performances for very young spectators has become a discovery for many. We hope that this form of baby theatre will take root in Karelia and become a new special theatre experience for both kids and their parents. Also, a lot of visitors were interested in "Peer Gynt. Three novels" film. All project's films are on the "Theatre Crossroads" YouTube channel

More about the project results in the TV program, dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the signing of the agreement on the creation of the Euroregion "Karelia"