Olonets national museum opens the Bank of Recollections

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The city park of Olonets and the Olonets national museum of Southern Karelians

The InterActive History project is moving forward. One of the project locations is the Olonets national museum of Southern Karelians. In the course of the project the museum exhibition will be renewed. It is devoted to the history of Olonets and the main historic site in the city – the fortress of the XVII-XVIII centuries, which was the key Russian outpost in the South-West of Karelia.

The Olonets Fortress was supposedly destroyed back in the XVIII century. With time this area turned into a city park. Nowadays it’s one of the favorite recreation sites of the locals and the main pedestrian area in the city with the Olonets museum located in its center. 

The InterActive History project focuses on developing a park renovation project and carrying out the initial renovation works in the park area and the locations around the museum. The project activities in Olonets are aimed to connect the renewed museum exhibition on the history of the city with the park area and the former Olonets fortress by means of museum programs for visitors.

Following the general concept of the InterActive History project applied in Olonets, recollections and personal stories of the locals will be featured in the new museum program for visitors. Therefore, the local people of Olonets were invited to take part in the project by sharing materials related to the city park, including photographs, recollections and stories.

The following message was delivered by the Olonets museum to the city residents: “Dear Olonets people! You are welcome to take part in the InterActive History project and invest in the Bank of Recollections with your memories about the Olonets Park. Together we can make this place not only beautiful but also interesting and full of experiences”.