Joensuu Disability Council has awarded Culture Open –project!

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Henna stands with flowers and award. Two people stand beside her.

The Joensuu Disability Council 2019 Accessibility Award has been awarded to Culture Open –project and Project Coordinator Henna Karhapää. Karhapää received the recognition on December 12, 2019 at the Disability Council assembly from chairperson Liisa Karvinen and vice-chairperson Arto Pippuri.

The award diploma states that the award has been given as ”a recognition of of the work done to advance accessibility in Joensuu”, and that:

”Culture Open –project and Project Coordinator Henna Karhapää have significantly brought forward suggestions for improvement regarding cultural services, which act as a good basis for the development of the city’s cultural services and institutions so that people with disabilities will find them more easy to use.”

Culture Open –project and Project Coordinator Henna wish to thank the Joensuu Disability Council for this great recognition and the support they have given to the project! Without the disability experts provided by the council, the Accessibility Mappings done by the project would not have been as thorough as they have been so far. The project and Henna have had the pleasure to work with the disability experts, who have afforded her the guidance and encouragement when charting the accessibility of local cultural institutions.

A big thank you also to the Karelia Cross-Border Cooperation programme, the support of which makes Culture Open –project possible. This first project year has been full of activities and next year the project will continue with as much enthusiasm and liveliness as it has thus far.