Taskforce meeting on waste management in Naistenjärvi

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Meeting in Naistenjärvi

On Thursday, October 17, a meeting on waste management, initiated by the “WasteLess Karelias” project, held in the village of Naistenjärvi, Russia. The meeting was attended by all the waste management system’s stakeholders: director of the regional operator “Avtospectrans LLC” Aleksey Kuznetsov, director of the municipal waste management company “Orion LLC” Ivan Kopeiko, acting Head of the Naistenjärvi village Natalya Osipova.

The following decision have been taken during the meeting: in the few coming days, “Orion LLC” will install two containers for mixed waste on each of the two collection points built by the “WasteLess Karelias” project, the local administration will monitor whether garbage is collected at the collection points on time and notify the contractor and regional operator if any extra actions are necessary. Since the size of collection points allows to place more containers, in the future this will be done upon request from the local administration.

Ivan Kopeiko informed the others that during the next year Suojärvi district administration will purchase several hundred plastic containers for installation in Suojärvi. After that, the then available metal containers will be installed in villages, including Naistenjärvi. A garbage truck will be sent there to serve the collection points, and all garbage will be transported to the landfill in Suojärvi instead of dumping at a landfill near Naistenjärvi, which will later be eliminated and reclaimed. This will help to clean up the village itself and, in the longer run, in the surrounding forest.
“WasteLess Karelias” project continues its work in Naistenjärvi. We thank all participants of the meeting for constructive communication and concrete decisions made.

Meanwhile, the regional TV company “Karelia” filmed a story about our work in Naistenjärvi (in Russian):