Feasibility studies at Urozero and Segezha

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Study at "Urozero" center

In early October representatives of the leading partner and technical experts of the project partner - Energy efficiency center - made a joint visit to the "Urozero" Center. "Urozero" is an educational and recreational center, which is visited by both ordinary tourists and workers and students of PetrSU. The purpose of the visit was to study Urozero to find reserves and potential opportunities for the implementation of engineering conservation measures. Heating systems, including heating pipelines, lighting and water disposal systems were studied. Thermograms of the Center's buildings were presented to the specialists to be a starting point for possible proposals to improve energy efficiency.

Earlier the experts of Energy efficiency center and the project manager carried out a visit to city Segezha, where they conducted a study of the hotel complex. The hotel complex "Segezha" includes more than 50 rooms of different comfort levels, a restaurant and a cafe. There experts also considered various engineering systems from the perspective of their modernization and reconstruction to improve energy and resource use and to reduce negative impact on the environment.

Technical experts collected a significant amount of materials in order to make the necessary calculations and offer technically advanced and useful solutions for nature, which will be implemented in future at these facilities.