SpeakBusiness in Petrozavodsk (KA4049)

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On October 1-2, partners of the SpeakBusiness project (KA4049) met in Petrozavodsk to participate in the international scientific-practical conference “Actual aspects of the socio-economic development of municipalities”, which was held by the Karelian branch of the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation (https://vk.com/clubranxugs).

The conference was attended by representatives of state authorities, local government, public organizations, educational and scientific institutions, cultural institutions of the Republic of Karelia, as well as project experts from the University of Eastern Finland (Joensuu, Kuopio), Management Institute of Finland. At the plenary session the topics of the reports were: “State support measures for agricultural producers (small businesses) in the Republic of Karelia”, “Development of territories through the implementation of initiative budgeting projects”, “Opportunities for the development of municipalities by means of cross-border cooperation”, “National project“ Culture”. The following sections were held within the conference: “Economic Development of Municipalities”, “Cultural Heritage of the Territory: Resources and Potentials”, and “Cross-Border Cooperation of Municipalities”.

Project experts from the University of Eastern Finland and Management Institute of Finland also participated in the expert council of the competition “Leaders of Karelia 2019”.

Projects themes of the participants of the final competition “Leaders of Karelia 2019” included:

- Communication networks development for remote and inaccessible areas of the Republic of Karelia (as an example, the village of Reboly);

- Stone quarry - a comfortable environment for people. Man-made beauty of ancestors for contemporaries;

- Improving the collection and transportation of municipal solid waste in the Republic of Karelia;

- Creation of a “Center for Culture and Crafts” on the basis of the State budgetary stationary institution of social protection of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Psychoneurological residential care facility “Cheryomushki”

- Workshop of the past, the organization of a professional workshop for the manufacture and repair of kantele.


On October 2, a meeting of Russian and Finnish project partners was held at the Karelian branch of RANEPA, partners discussed further plans and activities, including launching of educational courses on both sides of the border, completing research and organizing study trips / internships for project participants.