Presentation of a pilot art-tour «Gallery on the chair».

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Галерея на стуле

The Karelian network of art residences and art tourism project team took part in the events of the European Cooperation Day, on September 21, and presented the art tour "Gallery on a chair". Twelve big textile posters (2 x 3 m) were shown to the audience of the open-air exhibition in Chyortov Stul. Amateur painters have created vivid images of the ancient sea inhabitants, who lived in this place 500 or 300 million years ago. Participants of the Vernissage enthusiastically listened to the guide Elena Kuznetsova about volcanic activity, ancient seas and creatures, climbed the forest path, enjoyed the posters  and the view of Petrozavodsk from a height.  Thanks to everyone who helped us organize this event, and we are ready to continue to tell and show you Karelia with little-known sides.