WasteLess Karelias took part in European Cooperation Days 2019

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Project presentation for ECD participants

On September 21, 2019, the WasteLess Karelias project team took part in European Cooperation Days.

This year the annual event was held in the National Library of the Republic of Karelia, in Petrozavodsk. The project experts made project presentation: they talked about the goals of the project, its participants and the results achieved so far. Also, a photo game and a quiz to find out the level of environmental literacy were held for all visitors. As part of the photo game, photos were shown with garbage dumps or garbage containers in Russia and Finland. Participants were asked to guess where the photos were taken.

For many visitors from Russia, it was surprising to find out that in Finnish forest one can stumble upon a sofa or refrigerator. On the other hand, Finns were surprised that in the Republic of Karelia there are villages where there are no waste management system, nor even containers for collecting mixed waste.

For the youngest visitors, a cartoon about the importance of an environmentally friendly lifestyle was shown. This cartoon was made and presented to the project by Mark Vasiliev, a 10 years old school student from Petrozavodsk. Kids liked the funny characters very much.

We thank all the guests for participating in the event!


Project presentation and showing the video by Mark Vasiliev

Mark Vasiliev, creator of a cartoon about the littering problems