Conservation of the Church in Lelikovo

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Консервация церкви в Леликово

Conservation works on the Church of John the Baptist (Lelikovo village, 1886) on Maly Lelikovsky Island. Volunteers from the volunteer project “Revival of Wooden Churches of the North” came to Kizhi Island to save the Lelikovo Church. They come with their families and children. The first expedition of volunteers works on constructing of wooden scaffolding, which will be used for the conservation of the tent-top roof next year and putting the orthodox cross. Alexander Lubimtsev, specialist of the Kizhi Museum, who is well known among the students groups of training courses, controls the working process.

To conduct works efficiently conservation project was prepared (by ZAO “LAD”). Also all necessary materials were bought.

Conservation works will help the church to wat for serious restoration.