Museum specialists visited the National Archive of Filand

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Work in Helsinki Archive

In March and in May, 2019 Spesialists of the Kizhi Museum  - Tina Dudinova and Svetlana Vorobjova – conducted the research in the National Archive of Finland (Helsinki). The research goal is to study the materials of the finish professor Lars Petersen.

During the II World War Lars Petersen made cataloguing of wooden churches and chapels of the part of the Republic of Karelia, which was occupied by Finnish army. In 1990 Lars Petersen passed the part of materials to the Kizhi Museum (books, copies and reproductions of schemes, documents from church archives). But nevertheless the big amount of materials are still kept in the National Archive of Finland. Firstly there are the materials concerning church architecture of Zaonezhie, schemes, photos, pictures and manuscripts. The materials are very valuable for the Kizhi Museum. Thanks to Lars Petersen work the images of many lost monuments of Zaonezhie were fixed on photos and schemes. 242 churches and chapels were measured and photographed, only 32 of them exist now. This information is exclusive for studying of architectural heritage of Zaonezhie, preservation of wooden architecture, development of historic settlements. These material concern architecture which existed or exist in the buffer zone of WHS “Kizhi pogost”.

The Museum specialists studied 35 boxes, more than 2500 photo-negatives and phots. They found amazing materials which will be the basis for the publication of an album about villages and churches of the Kizhi area. The album will be published the next year.