First WasteLess Karelias collection point is built in Timanttikylät

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construction of the two-section waste collection point in Timanttikylät is ongoing

One of WasteLess Karelias pilot villages is Timanttikylät close to Juuka. Improving the villages’ waste handling and collection possibilities has been discussed for some time in the village, which made joining WasteLess project an easy choice. During spring, villagers jointly discussed and decided the suitable type, size and place of their collection point. WasteLess partners accompanied this process by organizing village evenings and provided expertise for the planning processes. In addition, regional waste company Jätekukko Oy was involved in the planning.

The final building place is next to the local community house, which is a common meeting and passing through place for the villagers. The location also hosts the second-home owners area-collection point and guarantees that the new collection point is under proper surveillance to avoid an otherwise easily appearing mess up of the collection points environment.

During planning a two-section collection point was decided for. One section is designed as a collection point for recycling material, currently for a glass and metal container. This section is built with sufficient capacity to add containers for the recycling of further materials such as plastic and cardboard in the future. There are further considerations to transfer the existing paper collection in the villages next to the new collection point. The second section provides room for a joint combustible waste collection point shared by interested villagers. The recycling section will be open to public while the shared combustible collection section is accessible by key for the members of the shared collection.

Building of the jointly planned collection point started in July and is proceeding rapidly. The building has already reached its full dimensions and the roof is in place. The complete building process is carried out through voluntary community work while WasteLess provided the funds for the necessary building materials of the collection point. The second half of the building further includes storage facilities for the community house and is financed throught the own funds of the village associations. Currently the community house yard is filled by the sound of hammer stroke while volunteers from the local hunting association install the wall panelling. The collection point building is scheduled for completion in September after which the villagers, WasteLess partners and Jätekukko Oy will collaboratively work to get the collection point up and running.