A study trip to the Finnish art residencies

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Ознакомительная поездка

A study trip to the Finnish art residencies of KARAT project  was held. The project team for a 3 day trip traveled 2000 km and got acquainted with the activities of the 3 art-residencies: Kolin Ryynanen in Koli, KulttuuriKauppila in Ii, Mustarinda in Hyrynsalmi, as well as projects of the Association Taidepaletti in Nurmes. It was very important for us to learn the experience of organizing and realizing art residencies programs, to see the results of the art residences projects with the local communities. All participants of the trip were inspired by people, places and discussions. And most importantly, we are confident,  the KARAT project can become a successful platform for Karelia and Finland to create long-term partnerships.