Students from Finland came to the Kizhi Museum

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Training Course. Students from Oulu

Training Centre of the Kizhi Museum hosts students from the Vocational College of Oulu – partners of the project “Ethno-architecture of Fennoskandia in XXI century” (Karelia CBC Programme). The group consists of architects, restorers, media-students. During the first day students had lectures on terminology and peculiarities of Russian wooden architecture, about meaning and value  of historic settlements, the buffer zone. Also students studied  historic settlements research projects (Kinerma village, Bolshaya Selga village), which were conducted by the teachers and students of Petrozavodsk State University. Programme also included lectures on the history of Kizhi area, historic settlements, photo-fixation of buildings and landscapes. These lectures will form the basis for laser scanning and measurements of Kurgenitsy village.

The lecture of a German student Angelika Inkart on the theme “Cultural landscapes. Management and impact assessement” was the interesting moment of a day. Angelika has been on course in the Kizhi Museum for one month and takes an active part in training programmes.

Studying is continued on Kizhi Island. S. Vorobjova, the head of the department of history and ethnography, told about Kurgenitsy village, where students will work in June. V. Gulyaev told about photo-fixation of buildings and landscapes, what will be useful for further research.

Participants visit museum collection of staff made from metal and wood, they found it very exciting.  The group also visited the main exposition.

The programme will finish on the 6 of February. Students of Oulu College will have practice on wooden architecture measurement, wood joint on the model of blockhouse, methods of monuments dating, technical condition of wooden buildings, restoration of the Church of Transfiguration.